Collabritive Training Enviroment

I know that I seem to go on and on about the Adobe Connect software, but for my chosen learning technology concerning example one which reads: Example 1: Collaborative Training Environment

A new automated staff information system was recently purchased by a major corporation and needs to be implemented in six regional offices. Unfortunately, the staff is located throughout all the different offices and cannot meet at the same time or in the same location. As an instructional designer for the corporation, you have been charged with implementing a training workshop for these offices. As part of the training, you were advised how imperative it is that the staff members share information, in the form of screen captures and documents, and participate in ongoing collaboration.

I feel that the Adobe Connect Learning environment will be my first choice and it is great for collaborative learning and here is why. Adobe Connect provides the needed online classroom where everyone with a computer can gather from any office in the world and participate in the instruction. Audio can be provided though either the web conference feature or over the phone, which ever works best for the available technologies at the various offices. Power point presentations can be given and lead by and instructor to give the needed instruction coupled with the chat area that the learners can type in for collaboration or to ask questions that the instructor can either type back or verbally answer. Assessment questions and polling questions can also be made to teat the competency and retention of the information being presented at any time during the course. Things like attendance and file downloads are also possible straight from the site at anytime. I feel this would be a great tool for this situations based on the plethora of learning solutions it provides.
From browsing the internet I found another technology that is a little more universal and easier to create and maintain called Podio. Podio is a website that provides a social-media-like experience to collaborators who wish to share information, documents, and collaborate as effectively as possible. It is completely free and allows you to hold collaborative meetings, share documents and blog or just share ideas through wikis. This site cab be found at and can be used and accessed by anyone that signs up for the site.
Another very interesting technology found online is 5.OpenClass. This is a free and open learning environment that helps stimulate social learning and the free exchange of content. OpenClass integrates with Google Apps for education and serves as a learning management system (LMS) for instructors who want to organize their scheduling, course management, gradebooks, social learning environments, and educational content (, 2014). By giving you blog access the students can collaborate with the facilitator and have planned discussions online. Through this tools all manner of learning can still take place and is considered an instruction technology as defined in our book “Teaching and Learning at a distance. It states “Since telecommunications means to communicate at a distance, telecommunications technologies are electronic methods used to connect the instructor, students, and resources” (Simonson, Smaldino, Albright, Zvacek). That being said this is a perfect collaborative tool for this scenario along with the other two that I have selected. I appreciate any feedback on this matter for more resources to pull from.
And have a Donut while reading, it helps, it really helps 🙂
Thank you


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